mobile Antenna(s)

Mobile Antennae.
We have just started to look at mobile antenna and have a few models coming in over the next few days to try out. I did receive some but I don’t have any 3/8" bases to test them with so all I can do is assemble them and photograph them on the floor. I have been using a Wilson 5000 for the past few years with a mag mount. Works ok up to 150W but then the SWR goes up as the magnetic bond between the antenna ground and roof goes haywire. It needs to be grounded at the base but difficult to achieve and still keep the benefit of the mag mount. Anyway a few pictures of what has come in and I wonder which one will carry the YeticomNZ stamp of approval.
Will any of then beat the Wilson? I doubt it. First low branch and they will be on the road in pieces!
But if length is anything to go by the longest one will win. (1.7m)
Will have something together soon when I get the 3/8" bases….

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