Still more work to be done. Mike has the filters working well on his radios but the factory just doesn’t seem to be getting it right! The filter is not doing it’s job where it is.

They changed the bands without telling us also. Doesn’t matter..they just split the lower bands into 500khz segments to use up all the positions!
We had 26-29 in four bands and now we have 25 to 29 in 8 bands(full switch) with the lower bands split and 28 and 29 in 1mhz segments.
All good..We are working to have 24.5 in Band A shortly the 25-29 in 1 mhz bands with G for the USA 40ch in 10khz steps and H the NZ 40ch.
That will be cool. 
But cooler still will be the optional steps! currently we have 5khz steps. We are adding 100khz, to scream up and down the 1mhz bands and 1khz steps to get in between the channels. We are going to sacrifice the never used and useless counter 3 way switch and use it for the frequency steps 100khz/5khz/10khz.
And what else…well I want to get rid of the joint squelch/RF control. I don’t like having the squelch on the RF cos when we turn the RF down the squelch cuts in. Need a squelch for FM but need to put it somewhere else! 
The echo and monitor are a waste of space so don’t expect to see them much longer!!
Optima is ready to go..can’t do much else with the current set up but there will be a Rev 3 board coming out next year featuring a dot matrix display and then we can start adding 100hz steps and some other good shit…3 finals for a cool 80w as well? 
Anyway we are going to run with what we have for now… 
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