New Radios and Filters

I have been using the radios now on a daily basis and they both work extremely well.
Unfortunately the filters were placed higher in the IF chain than we wanted…We wanted all mode but the manufacturer insisted they should be further along so they would only work in SSB modes. Well, Mike from YeticomNZ was right again as they were way too sharp and audio was way down. They just didn’t fit in. did not take mike long to rip it out and put it where we wanted it and in no time he had it photo’d and written up and off the the factory where they changed things around and now say working perfectly. Will pick up two more radios to test this week. Using Mikes schematic the factory was able to reconfigure the Optima to use the filters too. Don’t know the result but will soon. I have a guy 5km away that bleeds over 5 channels so I am looking forward to it.
We will soon be marketing the filter as a stand alone unit. This filter has a few added features compared to the one that has been on the market for 30 years or so. The main difference is the on board by pass. Ours can be switched in and out from any convenient front panel switch. We hope to add a variable gain trimpot in there as well to adjust the gain to various different circuits and it has a lot more bufferring in and out to compensate for the additional loading to the IF chain. It all adds up to a better device and a better receive signal.
The optima is great. Just works well, a great set of ears and solid audio. Runs cool even at the 45 watts output. Found a hidden feature! It has memory scan as well as the normal frequency scan. It is just a neat radio to use. Simple and everything works. The step function is open up or down so it works just like a 1khz VFO…The +/- 1khz clarifier is also much easier to adjust and tune. Looks like we won’t get our sixth digit till mid next year when a revamp of the display is planned. it will change to a dot matrix which will allow us to display darned near anything we can program in to it.
The Huracan is getting a new board layout with all the little additional bits and pieces that have been done to the board over the past year to stabilize it will be integrated into the board making it a neater more compact set up. This will be the board to beat in the years to come. The audio from the Huracan continues to get unsolicited reports but all comment on the loudness and the clarity. No need for a processor here. we also got word from the factory that the new boards will be 24-29.9 mhz! 6 bands of 200 5khz channels. Awesome. Be nice to have a switch for 100khz and 1khz to go with the five but too afraid to keep asking for improvements. I would gladly get rid of the 3 way dim/off/bright switch and use it for 100khz/5khz/1khz step change. But the truth is, we need to get a product to market so we can start recouping our start up costs. I already have a cupboard full of superceeded radios which I need to see if I can return to the factory for upgrading to the latest spec!
Sending a couple of radios to the wizard in germany to check out so be interesting to see if they tickle his fancy or not! One never knows. Europe seems like still a hot market for radios so we need to get our gear noticed over there. They certainly hear me on the air using quite a bit!!!! I am sure these will kill anything else currently available but we must make sure we can get them to market at an attractive price as well.
Have ordered a bunch of mobile whips to test out and we will take the pick of the crop and put them on the website. Be an interesting shoot out. have got some wilson clones and some predator look alikes and some even have Sirio brand on them! I think the only antenna you can have on the car and drive around is a base loaded stainless steel whip about a meter and a half. It can bend in two and still spring back and gets out OK. Be interesting to see how these new mobile antenna stack up against the Wilson 5k.
Check out the user guide and the manual for the Optima. Still working on the Huracan.
If you just want to know how the radio works then download the user guide, If you insist on reading all the other guff that you already know like how to stick the radio in a car and what to do with the microphone then read the operation manual

Optima Operating Manual.pdf

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