Huracan HP-07-NZ The price of stability?

Have not had time to go through the Huracan yet. It did not come set for 5khz steps and had "warranty void if removed" stickers on the both sides.
It is now on 5khz mode and the stickers are not looking good. Power way down on the earlier 60w models we got. Seeing only 25-27W PEP at the momment with mic gain turned up full. Will see If I can tickle the ALC pot a bit more to get it up around 40 and see how she sounds. If you want good SSB audio you can’t run the radio flat out. (Daves third law!) Mike is getting 40w PEP out of his in NZ.
Maybe 25w is the price we will have to pay for smooooth audio.  A linear will sort it out anyway. it has a little internal fan and some vent holes to allow airmovement. Hope it works cos the new heatsink is slightly smaller. Band guard filter switch is between mic plug and band switch and almost imposible to employ without pencil sized fingers.
stickers on the side which had to be removed
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