Albrecht 485, Dragon 485, Magnum 257 et al

Something to try on the 485’s and some of the others…..
The STEP function. In 10m and /or 11m modes.
The M257 in 1khz mode will only rotate around the 10khz block that it is in…ie it will not keep going up the band in 1khz steps.It will step up from 27.555 up to 27.559 and then revert to 27550. It will not pull the next digit up and go to 27560, 27561 and so on. 10khz steps the same. Are the Albrecht’s, Alan’s, Dragons etc the same in this regard? Just curious…..I must ask on one of the forums.
The OPTIMA does not suffer from this handicap. When you step in 1khz steps she goes up the band in 1Khz stepsand when you get to 27.999 she goes up to 28.000 and keeps going.  Same in the 10khz and 100khz steps. All we need to do now is work on getting the LCD frequency display into an LCD frequency 6 digit counter format and we would have a dandy little Ham rig. I have seen mention in some overseas forums that someone would be bringing out an LCD counter with this type of radio, but if it is not at least 6 digits then it would be rather meaningless. Have not heard anything about that here (doesn’t mean it won’t happen!) and I don’t think it would be very easy and cheap. One of the main selling points of these radios is the price! 
Anybody out there heard of an inbuilt LCD counter for these radios on the horizon?
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