SSB CB Transceiver for New Zealand

Note the position of the band switch (B) and the minus 10khz switch (off) in the above photo. Band B is 27mhz from 27.000 to 27.995 in 5khz steps.

No Need for the +10khz switch so we changed it to do something more useful for our kiwi client

Band A is all of 26mhz, Band C is all of 28mhz and above you will see the band switch in Band D for 29mhz


Still in Band D but we have moved the +10khz switch to the right and automatically we are on the call channel of the NZ 40 and defaulting to ch 35. You will have to move the mode to LSB! This switch operates from anywhere and will always default to ch35. Switch it back and you are where you were. Moving the band switch has no effect if the +10khz switch is on. The radio will stay in the NZ 40Ch CB band and the channels will illuminate.

We could expand on this using the 3 way counter switch and add the US 40 ch as well. It may also be possible to use a rotary switch and add the UK FM frequencies the same way! We may even be able to add some memories. The features that the Optima has that I miss on this radio are the memories, the 1 khz steps and and the channel up / down on the microphone.

Watch this space!

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