Station masters revisted

Although the original company making the station master half wave vertical antennas for 11m in Australia has stopped the popularity of the design means there is still a demand. Several versions can be find on Ebay down under. I got the one called the shockwave drom Peter in Melbourne. I think I have the MK1 version but he advertises a MK2 as well. Have not had time to try the MK1 but thought I would post a couple of pictures. Need to get it up and start using it locally.
Will add more after we try it!
Comes with the base section and three lengths of tube and a solid rod in the top for frequency adjustment.
Looks like a stationmaster !
Why the mongrel bends in the piece of red wire Pete?

Probably gets out like one too

No thru hole fitting on the top of the bracket?




Screws? No clamps?

Lots of room for tuning.

I don’t think he has a website but you can find him on ebay if you do a search for shockwave.

It cost me A$80 to ship two of these from Melbourne to Perth. That is too much. Peter needs to work on making them shorter and cheaper to ship.

No instructions in box. I guess if you can’t put one of these together you shouldn’t be using a radio anyway? Still, should have something re installation to cover the seller in case things go wrong.

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One Response to Station masters revisted

  1. Steve says:

    Top Section of tube is to small and not a tight fit into the next lower section it moves about in wind.

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