The first of the NZ capable dream rigs

91DD018_002.WAV.wav Do you want to hear what it sounded like in Europe the other day? Talking to Alex 1SD019 in Italy and was recorded by 35SD100 in Austria.
Conditions were good! Click on the blue wav file above.
The first test of the new NZ capable yeticombz rigs is undergoing testing.
Builder has been busy adding little daughterboards and shielding to clean up the SSB audio and keep rig stable.
Still needs the heatsink mod and fan plus the channel guard added that we request on all our production CB’s now.
PLL has the kid off and the one strapped to the side is the mic gain, AMT and echo boards. Not sure yet on the board near the finals.
In addition there are 3 other smaller daughterboards added to the circuit (Black rings around)
So far so good. Audio is OK..mid range. Power is good…easy 50W PEP and more under the bonnet.
Runs cool. Drifts down 100hz as warms up.
Fixed frequency rig, we are not including a tx clarifier at this stage.
Frequency steps 5hz
Current profile is 4 bands of 1mhz each in 5khz steps so no need for -10khz switch 26,27,28 and 29 mhz bands.
We may be able to pull her down into the 12m ham band on production models.
Flick the switch to NZ and you are locked into the 40 ch NZ cb band with frequency and channel readout.
10khz steps in NZ mode.
A lot of work has been done to make this rig stable. Look at all the sheilding in the picture.
I like it!
This is not your cheap charlie superstar. Everything works.
Been using the rig in the car as a drive about Jakarta and West Java, barefoot with a wilson 5k magmount on the roof of a toyota SUV. It gets out surprisingly well. The audio seems to have plenty of punch and no problem working Australia or Europe when the prop is in as it has been tha past few days. Working the Congo on ‘490 5/7-9 while mobile was neat and being able to catch up with some old contacts made the traffic jams bearable. The elevated highway system seems to help the signal by keeping me in the clear. I know the roger beep and echo work cos I keep getting told to turn them off….bloody heck!
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