the 40m Moxon project

The moxon was never going to be easy. The box weighed a ton.
I had purchased this over a year ago and should have put it up with the steppir when the tower was finished.
It couldn’t stay in the box forever and with 20m still way down I was ready to try something better on 40m.
It all went together quite well but you do need to read the manual a few times which I didn’t. Consequently I had to redo the elements to put the tensioners on but it didn’t take long.
The boom is a massive 3" square box section. Makes lining everything up nice and easy. Automatic.
Unfortunately the balun brackets to connect to the driven element were too short so I will have to wait for some more or improvise.
So it is still on the lawn…Wonder how it works at 50cm above ground.?
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