In the pipeline

YeticomNZ is looking to up the ante in 10m CB radios for the coming sunspot cycle. Will it get here soon; we don’t know, but 10 and 11m should be buzzing again in a few months..(few dozen months?)
We have decided to bite the bullet and are working on a radio for South East Asia with the following attributes:
40ch NZ and 40ch US/Aust CB modes. When you are in either of these CB modes that is all you get.
Freeband mode: 24.5mhz to 30mhz all mode in 5khz steps (std) but selectable 1,10,100khz steps as well.
10/12 meter Ham mode: 24.5-25mhz and 28-30mhz all mode 5khz steps but selectable 1,10,100khz as required.
It will have split frequency capability in the freeband and 10m modes.
AM/FM/SSB only. No echos, no roger beeps, no talk back. no swr meter.
Non volitile memories storing frequency and mode.
What is in memory, stays in memory till changed by user.
80watt mosfet PA stage with internal forced air cooling (We intend to keep it down to 50W and sell you a 500w amp to go with it)
Improved filtering and much improved lo noise IF stage.
optimized for SSB (120dBm for 12dB SINAD)
Up down on mic.
We are aiming this radio squarely at the Ranger 2950 2970 market and will beat them on performance, quality and price!
Watch the yeticomNZ website for more details, but they will be previewed here first.
First prototypes were easily doing 60-70W PEP. Just finishing off the software changes now.
Hoping to retail these goodies at under US$300 ea.!
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