The second NZ radio

The oddly named Jopix 2000.
From the outside pretty normal export SSB CB Radio in the superstar mould. 8 bands, FM/AM/USB/LSB, 5kc on slide, no minus 10khz but get rid of the PA button and it will go there, No echo (good!)
SWR stuff is included which I think unneccessary. Only a 5 digit frequency counter (bad) +/- 5khz on the clarifier. Fine clarifier for RX only. plenty of buttons to add whatever features one would want. NZ/Freeband button was lower left. Worked like a charm. Another nice radio. Drifted like hell but once warmed up and got on frequency quite solid and lots of audio. Not as loud as the Huracan but well received. Needs a better mic than the one supplied. The Huracan’s mic sounded much smoother. Mic gain needs to be kept down for local contacts. It can get raunchy but will help you be heard when conditions are bad. If you are talking DX then
no one is going to complain. Did not test the radio on AM or FM. These types of boards don’t usually sound too loud on FM anyway.
Look at the way the finals have been placed. Placed on a daughter board connected tp a large piece of aluminium against the inside of he case and the same heatsink on the outside. This did make a difference. The Jopix 2k runs cooler than any other CB radio of similar power. A lot cooler. They need to do this to the Huracan as well.
The finals 2 ea IRF520 MOSFETS. Good for 50W plus! Jopix 2k gets out well.
The read out and channel with the NZ button pushed. Another push takes you back to where you were.
The Jopix 2k got a lot of use because it ran the coolest and didn’t sound too bad. It doesn’t need much more…a six digit display, -10hkz where the PA button is, Drop the SWR circuitry and replace with a warning light, and a -5khz switch in place of SWR button.
Just one fan on the heatsink.
Pretty much the same as the megastar MG990 (Voyager 990 clone) with mic gain and a revamped and much improved final stage.
Solid and simple, you could take this rig anywhere.
I like it cos it works well.
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