New CB’s With NZ channels

Above are the 5 SSB radio types that we are evaluating for NZ. They all have the 40 NZ CB channels accessible from the front panel! Just hit a button and you are on ch 35 NZ. We picked 35. It could be programed from the factory to be any channel.

With the exception of the Magnum 257 look alike (which we will discus later) they all share similar features and technology. They all use a pair of IRF520 mosfets in the final with another IRF520 as the driver all mounted on a rear heatsink.. However the output power was certainly very different between the radios. They all came fitted with an 8 position band switch of 40 channels per position which gave coverage from 25.615 – 29.205 mhz in all modes. The weirdly named Jopix 2k, the MG990 and the MG95 all had a +/- 5khz coarse clarifier that worked on TX and RX and an RX fine clarifier. I prefer it this way. If both clarifiers work on TX then you end up moving off frequency each time you fine tune a station. The Jopix 2k and the MG990 also had 5 digit counters built in.  The MG 95 is you basic channelized CB radio. A Superstar 2400 by any other name. Pretty basic so no need to discuss it any further. It didn’t sound as good as the others according to on air reports but we have not yet made any changes to how we received them. They were certainly well tuned and stayed on frequency one warmed up. None of these radios had the minus 10kc switch, but it can easily be added in the production models. They all need warming up as they will drift about from cold. The MG 990 is a clone of the Ranger Voyager 990 which is an OK radio but lacks mic gain. They all had some sort of echo toy fitted and an internal SWR bridge. I think the inclusion of an SWR feature on these radios is a waste of time. It is so fiddly to use and hardly accurate. A warning light for HI SWR makes a lot more sense and would free up a knob and a switch for better features. Receive was about the same for all. OK…..remember these are CB’s not hi dollar ham rigs. The one that stood out from the rest is this one…another odd name..the Huracan HR-07-HP.

Does the little indicator under the band switch with AWI on it stand for "Antenna Warning Indicator"? It was flashing regularly while I was using the radio but I know the SWR was flat because I was using an inline meter. If I could find the booklet I would have a read but I don’t think this radio came with one! The -10khz switch has been taken over by the NZ/Freeband switch. Clarifier is fine and works on RX only. No way to slide down 5khz. Bummer! Need to get that sorted. Six Digit counter looks and works great.  The front mounted mic socket and knob layout reminds me of a Magnum S-6 or the galaxy 93 or 95. The knobs are way to close to make using them comfortable for me. Everybody loved the SSB audio from the rig. It had some grunt. Lots of it. A lot of power and a lot of audio. But..always a but…It got hot…….too hot for me after 5 minutes of transmission. Heat sink definitely needs to be bigger and incorporate a fan. The final transistors tend to fade as they heat up. Still one heck of a radio. Don’t know where in the world these are being sold but we might consider releasing them down under if we get enough interest. Not cheap but you get what you pay for.


The PLL box with the tuning hole and the position of the echo board reminds me of the S-9 layout. Have not popped the top to see if any jumpers like the S-9 but if there are…and it will go to 1 mhz bands in 5khz steps like the S-9, then look out Magnum, and Galaxy and Ranger. My dream CB radio! Add two little fans to that heatsink blowing their guts out and we are in business.

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4 Responses to New CB’s With NZ channels

  1. Dave says:

    Pulled the lid off the PLL stage and moved the jumper as we would with the S9 and away she went with 4 bands of 100ch in 5kc steps. Perfecto! 26, 27, 28, 29 mhz bands. Audio running a bit ragged but we have a new model to test in the new year so we will see how it works. If they don\’t sound real good on SSB then we don\’t want them. Unfortunately with these designs as the frequency coverage increases and the power goes up the SSB audio tends to suffer.

  2. Jonny says:

    Hello, we have just started a new CB-radio club in sweden, called Pristo. We have bought 5 Huracan from china that came via georgia and norway. I picked them up at the border between norway/sweden. We thought the same as you about the radio and we missed the 5khz step as well. We thank you for the tip and will try to test it. / Pristo109 PS We payed about 150 eur.

  3. dick baublitz says:

    Send me more information on the new channels.

    • dd182003 says:

      The Kiwi channels run from channel 1 26.330 thru channel 40 26.770
      all on the zeros.
      There is talk of replacing the NZ freqs with the conventional US 1-40 channels in the 27mhz range but nothing official has come out of it. difficult to get neww SSb radios with the kiwi channels which is why we added them!

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