SteppIR going back up on the tower

This morning I pulled the boom off the shelf in the garage and reconnected the motor wiring loom. Tested the motors and all working as they should.
Slipped the fibreglass tubes in the holes and tightend the rubber boots holding them in place. Took about an hour and the antenna was on the lawn ready to go up.
3 El SteppIR waiting to go up on the tower.
Pak Ujangthe famous Indonesian tower man arrived about 10am and after a look and a smoke took off up the tower dragging his rope to set up the pulley system.
The tower has a bit of a bend…they were sposed to fix it but I think it is worse now than it was! Have to make sure I take photos from the good side! I hope the rotator to the bushing is square or else we have to redo the rotator plate again.
Pak Ujang came down tied the antenna to the end of the rope and with 2 people pulling, Pk Ujang on the tower to guide it and me holding the antenna out till it cleared the trees it did not take long for the steppIR to be at the top of the tower.
3  El SteppIR atop the tower and waiting to be connected up.
When I noticed the Antenna horizontal on the tower I took my leave and went to work.
Hopefully the rotator will be installed and the wiring complete when I get home tonight.
Getting on the radio won’t be easy as I have no where to work from unless Ana lets me put the radios in the bedroom for a while…fat chance of that so I better get working on my radio shack!
Hope we can run a few tests from the veranda tonight!

About David Donaldson

64 and Live in Jakarta, Indonesia. like to ride my bikes.
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1 Response to SteppIR going back up on the tower

  1. Norb. says:

    hi DaveGreat pictures really nice and compliment for the Stepp IR & tower, we will have the chance to work each others again soon I hope. Mine is almost ready from a hard work done lately.Also waiting for the 5 ele to come fromZX in Netherland.73 de\’ Norbert 93AT101

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