Vertical Dipole at 5m

Had an offer of a 5m section of triangular tower that they said could hold up without guys.
Irresistable and they mounted it the other day so yesterday we played about and finally swung the 33′ center fed vertical dipole into position atop it.
Had two of us standing on the tower plus the Zero five vertical and there was no movement.
Chopped down a tree that was a bit close…
Well don’t know about the TX signal but the Rx has picked up and the tuner can now find tune on 80 thru 10 so perhaps the longer 450 ohm twin lead is helping compensate for the length of the antenna. I don’t expect it to be a DX power house but it is doing OK…I could almost live with it!
A 66′ center fed vertical for 40m must be a real killer. Biggest problem with these is bringing the lead out at right angles to the antenna so the lead does not interfere with the radiation pattern. I have the twin lead lead going accross to the remote tuner mounted just under the apex of the roof. About 30′. I thought it would have been enough but 40′ would have allowed me to locate the tune higher yet. The lead angles down at about 15 degrees.
If that bloody Tom from Zero Five ever sends me the 20m 5/8 vertical he has promised I might just stick that up on a couple of those small towers or better still atop the big tower and use it as a lightning rod!!
For such a simple antenna it is a great multiband set up and while perhaps not "non earth" dependant certainly does not need an extensive ground plane under it to get out well. Well made and works well..can’t ask for much more…but why he refuses to send me the 5/8th’s is beyond me. I sent the money and he is sitting on it. I guess he knows I am too far away to come pay him a visit…

About David Donaldson

64 and Live in Jakarta, Indonesia. like to ride my bikes.
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