CB’s for NZ

After several years of trying we are finally getting close to our goal of being able to release an SSB radio into NZ that incorporates the normal NZ CB frequencies and their channels and with the flick of a switch revert to the international multimode 10 meter radio frequencies.
We have several models under test at the moment ranging in power from 25w to 50 W.
The radios will not be our normal Magnums but from a different supplier.
We have several types to choose from.
Some with frequency counters and a couple with just the channels.
The more basic ones will have a subset of 40 NZ frequencies and channels built into band A or B for instamt access.
The better ones will have the NZ 40 channels accessible from a button or switch on the main panel.
All done with software these days.
The picture above give you some idea of how it will look.
We have ordered the first samples and fingers crossed they have got it right!!!
Now you can drive down the road and flick between ch 35 NZ and 35 Aus at the flick of a switch.
Just like we can do now with the the 257’s and s45’s, except now when asked to QSY to 32 NZ you just turn the channel indicator to ch 32.

About David Donaldson

64 and Live in Jakarta, Indonesia. like to ride my bikes.
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1 Response to CB’s for NZ

  1. indra says:

    hi david apa kabar?
    Magnum s45 saya sedang bermasalah, pada saat transmit modulasinya seperti terputus, tetapi jika pada posisi saklar SWR tidak ada masalah. saya sudah berbicara dengan Teknisi Mike di NZ, magnum harus di bawa ke NZ utk di perbaiki. bisakah saya dibantu? Tidak ada yang bisa memperbaiki Magnum di indonesia. Radio akan saya kirim ke jakarta. Terimakasih.

    hi david how are you?
    My Magnum S45 was in trouble, when the transmit modulation as disconnected, but if the position switch ‘SWR’ no problem. I’ve talked with a technician Mike in NZ, magnum should be brought to NZ For in the fix. Can you help me? in Indonesia no one can fix the magnum. Radio will I send to jakarta. Thank you.

    Indra / 91NR803

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