Vertical dipole

The vertical dipole is doing well considering it is so close to the ground. We installed a self standing base for it yesterday and hope to get it up on top today if nthe weather holds off. The dipole performs well on the Ham bands it is designed for but the tuner does not get a good match on the Marine bands I need to use also. Workable but over 1.5:1. Hopefully the increase height will help the performance and at least all the antenna will be above the wall of the house. As the antenna is not too ground dependant I am hoping it will allow the tuner to work better. The twin lead back to the tuner will need to be lengthened which hopefully will give the tuner more options. Tuner is the CG500, an 800w PEP Chinese made remote tuner along the lines on the icom marine tuners. Usually used in a ground mounted vertical configuration I have had good luck placing them at the end of a run of 450 ohm twin lead and feeding dipoles and wire antennas. Coax to the tuner and twinlead or single lead out. This is about the biggest non commercial unit available but I am sure legal limit and above units can not be far away.
Put an aluminium horizontal dipole as high up as you can, feed it in the middle with a big tuner such as this and you have all bands and probably all directions!
Very low SWR on the coax to the tuner so keeps the shack cool. The unit takes a second to ind tune from memory but you should let it tune with about 20W before cranking things up. needs a 12v DC power to the unit. Downsides of this one is that it can not be ordered to tune like the icom ones do when hooked up to an iom radio. All we can do is watch the SWR come down to see it working. If you turn off the power it seems to reset the unit. I think it goes into bypass when no DC attached.
Quite water tight but I stuck in in an ugly plastic box just in case. It will be a while before anything goes on the big tower so I will keep enjoying the vertical. it has been one of those pleasant surprises.
The small tower will make a good end point for an 80m sloper of the big tower as well.

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64 and Live in Jakarta, Indonesia. like to ride my bikes.
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