CG 5000 800w remote antenna tuner

I have been using CG5000 for about a month now with a temporary verical dipole and running about 500w PEP from 40-10 meters. Hard to discuss a tuner without explaining the antenna because the tuner can only work as well as the antenna it is connected to. The antenna is a vertical dipole 33′ fed in the middle so a good match on 20m where it works very well. I have had it ground mounted close to the house and the tuner sits on the roof in a plastic box connected to the aluminium dipole with about 5m of 450 ribbon pretty well at right angles to the antenna. The roof is tiles with no metal or foil to interfere with the ribbon. 
The antenna is one of those pleasant surprises. Despite being ground mounted it works very well on 20m and the tuner enables me to use 500w which helps a lot.
Have not done much on 40m but it picks up signals from VK, JA, VU and around Asia so not bad. Tuner brings the SWR down to about 1.6. Workable.
17m is also good..worked the UK without any difficulty one night. 15m I thought was OK..SWR still good but the locals with the beams were working signals I couldn’t copy. It think the antenna does not have a lot of low angle radiation above 15m. Being so low certainly does not help. 10 and 12 have only been used for close in stuff so not sure how good those band are but the antenna could only tune it to 1.7-1.8 on 10 and 12. Bit reluctant to run the solid state amps at those SWRS.
Not sure if it has something to do with the low mounting, length of 450 ohm ribbon or length of coax back to the shack. Shouldn’t be the coax but one never knows.
20m is flat SWR. Perfect. So tend to do most of my operating there.
The box is pretty tough, Looks pretty stout and feels pretty stout.
One has to be careful not to over exert on the connections or they will turn inside the case.
On the top there is the antenna wire connector and the bottom has the power, coax and ground connector.
No control line like an icom. It tunes when it senses hi SWR on tx.

About David Donaldson

64 and Live in Jakarta, Indonesia. like to ride my bikes.
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