Merak Day

Today was Merak Day. We have both our boats up on the hard so always good to take a look.
The new vessel, The Surveyor is out to get a couple of new transducers for the sounders installed and to redo the anti fauling.
Thats why the hull looks so grotty, they are sanding some of the old stuff off and smotthing out the lumpy bits of old paint prior to applying some new coats of antifaul paint. Antifauling lasts about a year but if the boat is sitting around close to shre then things will grow regardless.
Dropped down the old Dipole antenna and will install a 33′ Force five vertical for the SSB Email system which uses an Icom 802 and a pactor 3 modem. We got good speeds with the inverted V so hope the vertical works as well. The inverted V was a temporary thing till the vertical arrived. It will be fed at the bottom with an Icom AT40 tuner. The other SSb radio is a kenwood TKM707 and it has solid audio on SSB so we use it for voice communications. It has stronger audio compared to the icom and has been turned up to almost 150W as well. Worked Namibia on 40m 5/7 with it the first day we hooked it up! It also works off a vertical and tuner but a bit shorter than the Zero five vertical. We are making a new base for the zero five as it is much heavier as well as longer.
Going to need a lot of heatshrink to cover up the joints and clamps!
Had a bit of a thrill working Karl on Barnabas island from the car. Had him 3/3 on the road and it was a bit painful so let him go after a few overs, but to my surprise when I got down to the water he was 5/7. Really strong. Called him back and we had a good yarn for 5 minutes. All with a mag mount and 30 watts.

About David Donaldson

64 and Live in Jakarta, Indonesia. like to ride my bikes.
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