New House

Well we are in the new house..and working hard to turn a house into a home.
This is one of those odd houses with plenty of room but nowhere to put anything. No storage!
We need to build a laundry and fabricate built in wardrobes in every bedroom to be able to unpack the rest of the boxes that are piled up in the garage.
We have been here a month and the only way to get on the radio was to put the 257 in the car with the wilson mag mount. 30w but able to make contacts around the region as far away as Perth. At the house I have a broadband vertical dipole. It is a bit long for 11m but works real good on 15-40m.The crew just started work on the foundations of the tower. Huge! 15 tons of cement to hold this 32m puppy in place. Going to be awesome. I can see from the way the dipole works that this is a better location than the old place. The 4 element yagi and a 2 element moxon will be sitting up the top along with a couple of 5/8 verticals.
Need to glass in the gazeebo by the pool to make a radio room to save dragging the coaxes into the house.
Lots of work ahead!
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