I must be getting Old….

I don’t normally get too political but several things have ruffled my feathers recently.
Below is a quote from the Sydney Morning Herald…

A POWERFUL Indonesian parliamentary commission is set to recommend that Indonesia’s ambassador not return to Canberra until Australia apologises for the Papuan visa crisis.

In response to John Howard’s refusal yesterday to say sorry over the affair, a member of the foreign affairs and defence commission, Djoko Susilo, accused Australia of trying to "hurt the feelings of the Indonesian Government and the Indonesian people". "


Hurt the feelings of the Indonesian people! What about the cartoon of the Aussi Prime Minister depicted as a dingo mounting his Foreign minister?? It just doesn’t come any worse here than to portray people as dogs…That was really demeaning!

Come on Aussis…..Just tell them to Fuuuuck Ooorrff!

I still remember when a planeload of Aussi tourists were turned around at Bali and sent home because they did not have visas. The fact in those days that Aussi tourists did not need visas for stays up to 60 days was forgotton for a day. Once again the tail wags the dog.


"Mr Susilo said the commission would urge the ambassador, Hamzah Thayeb, who was recalled to Indonesia three weeks ago, not to return "any time soon, until we get a satisfactory explanation from John Howard’s Government or until after a formal apology for what happened".


Let the ambasador stay in Indonesia. If he worth his salt he will tell the commission to grow up and get on with something worthwhile like bringing the bankers who caused the Indonesian monetary collapse to justice.



And as if to add to the current woes of no DX (Except Australia which doesn’t count as DX) Playboy magazine moved in to the 4th floor of the building we occupy. I have a feeling more stones are going to hit us than Playboy!! The riot for hire FPI wanker bastards demanded Rupiah 1 billion to go away. Well they hadn’t arrived at that stage because they couldn’t find the office. The local Jakarta youth group (Also Muslims) were contacted and arrived en mass to defend the area from the FPI In loose terms FPI means Forum for the Protection of Islam. In reality it is a group of thugs who are paid to go out and protest/attack and terrify whatever and whoever their paymasters decide…all under the guise of protecting Islamic values. They also run a protection racket for businesses which are deemed to be offensive to the Islamic values they serve to protect. Three truck loads of protectors of the faith attacked a restaurant/nightclub in Kemang a few years ago and while terrorizing patrons and trashing the joint removed wallets and valuables from the patrons. The owner of the building confesed he had refused to pay the protection.

Personally I hope the police shoot the pricks and jail the ringleaders. I guess playboy must have paid the money because the police and TV crew have gone and no body seems interested in our office anymore….There are two massage palours and a duty free liquor outlet in the complex….the FPI could have a field day protecting the morality of the masses….maybe thats where they all ended up!

I don’t usually feel like this….I must be getting old….

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    Hey dude how\’s thing\’s

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