S-9 once more and more DX

Well the Astatic mic doesn’t quite cure the S-9 cheap audio comments when signals are strong. Still adds depth to the standard mic though.
At S-9 plus 10db it still leaves a lot to be desired. Not that it is unintelligible but lacks the depth of the other radios. But..point it at europe and south america when conditions are weak with the standard el cheapo 1 dollar mic and she will talk over the "nice audios" every time. Never had a far away DX station tell me the audio from the S-9 sounded "cheap" like a Fremantle station did the other day!
Heaps of Aussi skip rolling into 91 div these days and especially good signals out of the west. Somedays WA can stay in all afternoon. Spoke to a station in the country running 2.4kw. Now that pricked my ears up! What sort of amp could that be. A Zetagi B1200 came the reply. No offense but the audio didn’t sound too good but I couldn’t copy him at all without the amp so still don’t know if it was the amp or the radio. I suspect the amp cos my info is that the B1200 is a class C amp which will sound whiskery on sideband. With 8 ea MRF 422 transisters and a 422 driver I fail to see how it can put out more than 800watts. There is only so much a 422 can do! But those amps are being sold as 2kw amps over on the east coast for A$835.00 so best go get one. After all nobody has any idea how much you are putting out so get the bragging rites and join the 2kw club. Pity about the audio but as long as you can be heard who cares…right? 
Why is it the Canary Islands can always get out when the rest of Europe is quiet? If you intend to do a European DX trip start with the canaries…You won’t go far wrong DX wize and at least the weather is nice.
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