CB Radio shoot out

So far as far as TX audio local quality goes….
Magnum 257
SA 280
Rx to my ears only
SA 280
magnum 257
SA 280 could rise up a bit with a tune up and backing off the ALC when I find which pot it is.
Cobra just aint worth a shit but I keep it on hand to let every one to steer clear of it!
One day there may be an easy fix for the audio but still have to fix the -/+5khz and a frequency display that gets out of whack when the clarifier is moved more than one or two khz.
FT817 hooked into a KL200 was also up the top in TX and Rx but has the additional SSB filters installed so hardly fair. Need to get some more CB’s to test…
AR3500 still sits on the top of the pile ..a position it has held for the past 20 years and not much around to knock it off it’s spot.
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3 Responses to CB Radio shoot out

  1. Unknown says:

    Well this is music to my ears.When I first mentioned the AR3500\’s to you you must have thought I was nuts.I never did forgive myself for selling the one I repaired and used for a while, as it was the only radio that had a receive and tx like nothing else.This is the ultimate pirate radio,never mind all the bells and whistles you get with radios these days, this one beats them hands down.Add a SP1a to it and you will find that this radio will blow a Lincoln or whatever you got out of the water (air).Glad you got one too , glad you took my word on the performance of them, it has not disappointed you by the look of your tests.Well, we will let you know the outcome of the mod Glen is doing, no doubt he will let you know too,                           Regards,                                          Aja

  2. Dave says:

    Everything I have either read or heard about the AR3500 has always been positive.
    They are a good solid radio and work well. I have an Sp-1a to go in mine and as soonas Glen does yours and sends me the picks I will fit it into this one. Currently 100W PEP and about 30 Average to I feel sure it will boost the average talk power considerably. Spoke to a couple of dozen stations in San Paulo Brazil the other morning on 11m then 10m with it with great reports. Admittedly I was feeding it into the DX500 for about 650 PEP out….I just don\’t know if I should do that when the SP-1a is fitted. It just may be the straw that breaks the camels back!
    take care!

  3. Satriyo says:

    Appreciate if ypu could sent to us schematic diagram CB Radio :
    1.Superstar 2800
    2.Midland 7001
    3.SA-280 X II

    Thanks for your kind attention and help

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