George Receive

Was doing a few checks with the George last night to see why it didn’t want to drive the linears very well. I thought I must have tweaked the ALC up and it was overdriving and causing probs but the meter showed the George was only putting out 15W! Time to try the other way..can always turn down the mic gain…Cranked her up to 30W on a fooooouuuuurrrr and a tad more on a whistle. Checked it out with a local station who said it sounded good. He was interested in buying a new radio and asked what else I had. I informed him we still had a few Magnum 257’s and S-9’s and switched to the 257. He reported the 257 had deeper and stronger audio and could he buy one! Some others came on and demanded to hear the S-9 and that was when I realized the received audio was much better than the george. The George rx audio has a bit of the ranger 29xx series white noise about it. Not as bad but noticeable when compared to the S-9. There is a transistor in the rx chain that can be changed out for a lo noise version and this may solve the problem. I may try it. Oddly enough take away the extra memories, the echo, the 5kc step and roger beep and you wonder if it is worth $150 more than the 257.
However with the increase in the ALC it now drives the DX500 to over 400W PEP on SSB so at least we have sorted that out.
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