Update to the sad sorry Cobra 200 GTL DX saga

When you have outlayed good cash on a radio that looks as though it should be a winner it is hard to sit back and accept that it doesn’t work. Most of the folks that own this radio will try to accept it’s shortcomings and concentrate on the positve aspects of the radio. I could only find one positve aspect. It had 100W for a price range where most radios had 20W. Therefore you could be heard by more people who could ask you what you had done to the radio and please adjust the audio or remove the rubber band that was obviously squeezing a most sensitve part of the male anatomy.
So with grim determination I prepared to apply the patch! A 50.V 1uf cap was found, the traces cleaned back to copper, Tested first ….OK and the cap was attached to the traces as directed.
And that was the last of the cobra!
It keys but no Audio out in any mode.
Its probably a good thing…….
Contacted Cobra and a trip to the US for repair is the only solution.
From here that is about US$75 each way.
For a dog that would chase a mac truck if it got off the leash that is just too much!
Way to much for this Puppy.
But in defence of Cobra they did send me a schematic, alighnment proceedure and parts placement diagram.
Credit where credit is due…..
So back to the drawing board and it seems I had shorted out the tracks instead of sloldering a capacitor in its place! Well we got that  sorted out and tried the radio for a while and it seemed it was going along as it was before…rubber band stuff…
Ok remod…This time I got it right. No change in Audio but a big improvement in av talk power. Far out. Can piss off a whole lot more people with it!
Come on Glen … more mods!
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