Cobra 200 Advertising Deceiptful

Cobra claim in their advertising that the Cobra 200 has a 6 digit frequency counter.
Quoted Specs:
30W AM/FM, 100W SSB, Dual finals, SWR Calibration System, Antenna ‘Warning Indicator, Night Watch Illumination, 6 Digit Frequency Counter, Echo Control, Roger Beep, Dual Power, +10 kHz Control, Large Full Function Analog Meter,
It doesn’t have a counter. It is not reading frequency. It is just a display like the 257, lincoln etc etc. Move the clarifer and the display system goes to shit. It is all over the place and nowhere on frequency. If you want to work the zeros 27540.0 for example for get this radio. It is 1.5 k/c out.
If you are walking down a lane late at night and there is a snake in front of you and a cobra 200 GTL DX behind you. You have one bullet in your gun.
Make sure you shoot the Cobra 200…….
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  1. ssl-100...aka mike says:

    lol well put

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