Souped up S-9’s

Glen down in Christchurch has been working hard on the S-9. He has half a dozen little tricks and mods for the S-9 from a simple switch to enable front panel changing from frequency mode to channel mode, changing the crystal to give 24.6mhz to almost 30mhz to various stability mods which really clean up the squawky SSB audio and a scanning mic. Put a kenwood mic on it and you have near kenwood audio. I did the VCO stability mod for a big change in the SSB audio pattern that was welcomed by all. Both on RX and TX.
Currently working on a high powered rear end for it using the mosfets…..He may have his 150W S-9 out before Sam Lewis!
One thing for sure…Glen’s will sure sound better on SSB.
Details on the picture….
Go Glen
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One Response to Souped up S-9’s

  1. Unknown says:

    Well that sure sounds like good news on what Glen is doing.It will be nice to get the audio and stability sorted.Are you doing this a a kit or does it have to be done by Glen or do the next lot of S9 come out with the mods done?If his mods are anything like the tuning and work he did on the AR3500 it will be good as that sure sings!As for the high power version, that too is a welcome mod, with all the other manufacturers starting to bring them out, the S9 with more watts will be the best rig with the most operator options there is on the market. (and at a good price)Enough about radio, back to cars and waste veg oil, pity we cant make the radios run on that Dave.Good luck with the mods department, Regards Aja

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