Spammed again!

This morning I was informed there were another 27 emails in my inbox for Thunderbird (Free alternative to Outlook Express) to download!
That did it!
The help on Thunderbird was clear and in no time the anti spam was set up….
Three of the 27 emails arrived in the inbox and one of them was spam which was promptly dispatched to the junkbox.
All other emails of that type will follow it in there in future…..
This is fine for my home computer…I am here to download emails daily to prevent my 10mb mail box overflowing with spam….but at 50 spam emails a day in or week or two the 10mb will be used up and important emails could be returned unread. This is not acceptable. This needs to be handled at the server before mail box. Other than that a complete move over to google could be in order.
At least with google all emails are stored on the google server! No need to have a computer to read an email of 3 months ago. It is all there when you log on to the net. From anywhere on any computer. The address book has already been transferred into google as well. It is fast, has 2.6 gigabytes of storage and so far has not been spammed. The more I use Gmail the more I like it….
I recall a few months ago I was reading how they caught a major spammer in the US. He had a dozen or so hi power T1 connections and was sending squillions of emails a day! He was also worth a lot of money and had set something up in Porto Rico or somewhere down there as well. No doubt he got out on bail and is now set up somewhere else and emailing the world. There was a very interesting article on how spammers work and make money and ultimately it is major companies that are indirectly funding this. They may not be directly involved and may not even be aware of it but any orders or enquiries generated means money for someone.
BTW has anybody you know ever order some of this stuff? You know what I mean..this ‘hang it down to your knees’ pills etc. I am sure there must be an article out there somewhere in one of the magazines we don’t get here!
In the meantime I am going to contact my provider and see if they can scrub the spam a bit better at the server level. Perhaps they already start deleting spam emails when mail box is full.
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