FEDEX (and the Cobra 200GTL’s)

Fedex called the office.
Customs have detained the radios!!!
They do not believe the pricing. I guess that means they consider the goods underpriced.
Well… I did order from the cheapest place that would send them and they sent them immediately.. which is mre than I can say for Copper and Premiere who sem to enjoy messing internation customers around. G I Joes are good but the Cobra’s were US$60 ea more expensive. They said Cobra were not happy with the lower priced discounting so they didn’t want to lower their prices, but they would offer a discount onthe shipping. Take a lot of shipping to save US$120 so I voted with my feet and moved on…
So I got on the net and printed out the adverts from the shop and several others showing the price as well as the email approving purchase and a Fedex courier arrived to pick up the docs moments later.
From my experience shipping gear from the USA; if you get caught falsifying shipping documents in any way the fines are tremendous including loss of licence for the shipping company. It just doesn’t happen very often.
Well hopefully the documentation will pan out OK and delivery will be made sometime today.
Poor old Geoff in Darwin….he is going to get another round of 20 questions next time I hear him on the air…It won’t belong before he tapes all the tests and posts them on his web page. That would be rather neat …same voice, same place, different radios…See how that bad boy S-9 really is compared to the rest of them….
We have a kenwood, icom, yaesu, AR 3500, 257, S-9 and soon to add Lincoln and Cobra 200.
I will be adding to the collection as soon as I sort out some more bench space and coax switch.
Off to work!
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