CQ Contest

 91SD018 /multi was in the world wide and Sugar Delta contest held for 24 hours last weekend and 24 hours this past weekend.
We were a long way from the front runners but in this low DX period we worked a total of 140 defferent stations from 43 DXCC locations.
For Sugar Delta only the results were quite good and we may get a mention somewhere.
66 SD stations and 25  DXCC locations.
Bit exhausting and I don’t feel like getting on the radio much today! The QSY’s and QRZ’s and CQ’s were all getting a bit muddled by the end of it.
It was geat to have 43TR299 Geoff in Darwin keeping an eye on the openings and were able to catch up with a few old friends that we had not heard on for a while…namely unit 45 Grant and 43SD333 Rod down there in Tassie..Tom and Noel were worked out of 41 div on the first day. Pick of the bunch was 67SD000/multi the Uruguayan SD club Station. First contact down there. Brazil was rampant early morning on the 2nd day for 6-7 contacts.
Ray in 151 and max in 236 divisions popped up as promised to give us those multipliers as well. Knowing where 62,79 and 133 divisions hang out was a bonus!
Conditions were a bit better on the 2nd weekend but we definitely need to upgrade the ears at the station.
Too many European stations in the noise. I hope 1SD019 Alex will have a 6el WAGI heading my way shortly to improve my hearing. At 6kg it should go 3-4 meters above the log periidic without too much strain on the rest of the set up.
Used the TS570 and the Acom 2000A for most of it running between 1.2 and 2.2k PEP out. Antenna was the KLM 10-30 Log Periodic. Not much gain but seems to get out OK despite the figures on paper.
Towards the end I switched to the AR-3500 and DX1600 and it did seem to have slightly better ears than the Kenwood for working the weaker stations. The DSP is OK for noise but distorts weak signals to make them unreadable at times also. AM noise was a continual problem when conditions were in.
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