Don’t know what I did but the spammers are back with a vengeance.
Checked my email thios morning to find 22 messages…..seemed a bit much for Sunday…and it was.
22 Spam messages. Provider had accurately tagged them all as Spam but there they were in the inbox regardless. I had better go and set up the anti spam part of the firefox email program I am currently using.
Seemed like for a while they had got on top of the spammers but looks like they are up and at it once more!
Wish there was something we could do to turn the tables on these blokes.
I don’t like spam. When I use my hand phone to check my emails it costs money to scroll past them or delete them so we can find the genuine emails they are covering up.
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One Response to Spam

  1. Unknown says:

    Hello,Welcome to the world of no hopers and jalous people.Its like the gossip mongers and people that have lots of things to say about people they actually dont know.Your blog is informative and interesting, more then the the lives of spammers ever will be.Because they are insignifcant people that never have achieved or done anything worthwhile the only way the can get noticed is to stuff up the lives of others.You see that way they think they can drag you down to their rotten excistance level and make them feel better.The best way to stop them is to only allow mail from people on your list (not an address book online) you can always pick thru the garbage if you had to do so.Suffered from this crap some years ago, found the above way the safest, takes a bit of time setting up but it is safe and works.That way you can keep the tossers away from your site and mailbox.Good luck keep up your blog website, love it, good on you Dave.As for the spammers go and get a life, or better a job and do something usefull like blow your brains out!!! As you can gues I\’m not a fan of this sort of behaviour, Regards, Aja.

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