New Magnums What is an ERF-2030?

I don’t know either but it is the device Magnum are using to power their new hi power versions.
Some info copied from a forum…
 I am sure you have by now heard about the ERF 2030.

This RF device and it’s
companion part are at the heart of MAGNUM’s new lineup.

We have been developing these devices and circuits to run them in for over a year.

By years end we will have all 50 watt models S3 S6 S9 running on ERF’s.

Also during that time we will announce the S3 S6 S9 90+ watt models.

Early next year we will have a 175+ watt S3 S6 and S9.

The first models with the new ERF’s start shipping next week.

The MINI-MAGNUM – 30 watt PEP.

The next shipment of S6 and S9 NX will be ERF
powered and should arrive in Oct.

These will be standard 50 watt models.

All features in these radios will remain the same, the only change is the devices powering these radios.

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