Indonesia rarely gets into the news and almost never on a positive note.
It is unfortunate because it is a good place to live…despite itself, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, corrupt officials, the heat, the dust, the wet, the crowds, the declining Rupiah, the traffic and all the formaldehyde in the beer.
Today in the news I noticed the Indonesian navy had fired on a Chinese fishing boat poaching in Indonesian waters when it refused to stop. They actually hit the vessel! Pity they did not get the other two poachers as well…I gun boat and 3 fishing boats and they all speed off in different directions!
It’s about time. I hope they shoot every poaching fishing boat they find. It is the only way to drive the message home. Most of the time the catch is worth more than the boat anyway. It is also about time that countries started standing up to China….
On another note….Indonesian reporting at it’s ambiguous best…Quote from Front page of the Jakarta Post this morning
"WHO experts said on Thursday that the increasing number of people showing bird flu like symptoms in the country did not mean that the outbreak was becoming worse…" further on " Neither did a rise in the number of suspected cases point to an epidemic"
I feel a lot better about that already. Oddly enough a wise man in Surabaya told me over 20 years ago to stop eating bird meat. He had been spot on with several other things and a good guy to boot, so I have followed this advice ever since. Thanks Pak Wardoyo. To date, 7 people have died and still more in hospital. Disease has always been a part of SEA due to the humid climate and population density. From TB to small pox to plague. They have all been here and are still hanging around. When US had the anthrax scare an abbotoir 50km was closed down after someone got anthrax after eating infected meat from a goat killed there. No need for worry said the report "because anthrax is endemic here". I guess that when they finally discover bird flu all over the country they will just say not to worry because there is nothing that can be done about it anyway. Eventually those birds and surviving humans will be reasonably resistant to this disease also and Indonesia can go about it’s business till Ebola or aids gets established. A few years ago I recall the health minister saying that Indonesia did not have an aids problem based on the minute amount of people infected with HIV. when pressed further she (I think) also admitted there was no routine testing going on either! Yup lets stick our heads in the sand.
I read somewhere that birds consume an incredible amount of insects each day..tons and tons of them. Insects may well take over the world or else we will poison ourselves off trying to beat them to it!
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