Hi Power Magnums and rants and raves

Hang on to your hats!
The proliferation of cheap Hi Power cobra (150GTL AM and 200GTL SSB) radios has put the wind up Magnum. Although the Cobras aren’t selling too well yet; at US$100 under a 40W magnum it is only a matter of time before they get the bugs fixed and start kicking some serious arse.
Magnum’s response to this has been to accelerate the introduction of the hi powered versions of the S3, S6 (AM) and S-9 (SSB) 70w and 200W single and double final radios which are intended to hit the shelves in October this year.
" FYI  We will have a 90 watt PEP S3, 6 and 9 in Oct and will have  a 175-200 watt 3, 6, 9 by the end of the year.
Sam "
well Sam ..an interprising bloke in the south island of NZ beat you to it by 6 months!
BTW a decent mic will go a long way to soften the audio of the S-9 for local use…And I quote
" We had FOSTER Japan supply the hand mikes for AR3500.  This mike cost us about $6.00 back in 84.  The mikes available now from Chinese makers cost under a buck and we really have no control about the mikes the factory supplies."
What is the best hand mic to use with the S-9? The AR3500 mic works a treat. Must be some others..I will be looking for a kenwood hand mic to try out on it. Great thing anout the S-9 is the ability to run two mics at the same time – makes changing between two mics a breeze. Just press the other button! 
I wonder what the pricing will be….Galaxy is still pricing their 150W 95T at US$400 and the S-9 is still selling for US$320 at the cheapest internet places….unfortunately the cheapos don’t want to ship international. I tried to order 3ea Cobra 200GTL’s from Copper electronics and they quoted me US$250 to ship them to Indonesia!!!
The radios were only priced at US$229.99.
When I asked them to explain the shipping cost, the reply I got was that "That was their policy"
Did end up ordering a couple through another company along with a Pres Lincoln..(.thought they were sold out but need one for the collection..) Fedex says something has been shipped but it remains to see exactly what! Postage was US$80.00. Go figure. 23lbs of something!
Unfortunately many US based internet shops have been burned shipping stuff to Asia and some even believe that if they send you their bank details some Nigerian/Indonesian/’foriegn other’ is going to mysteriously remove all their money! Yanks are pretty backward when it comes to dealing internationally…Just look at their President! Coupled with this, US banks take from between $15 to $30 per incoming deposit. That is over and above all the other fees the sending bank charges you to send it. Only in America do they charge for this. If your money gets transferred thru several US banks they will each take their cut.
As if this is not all… the FCC goes around slapping citations on the shops that advertise un approved 10m/CB radios which is just about all "Export CB Radios" sold there. If they can be modified for out of band use by moving a jumper or unsoldering a wire then, no approval. This is no threat. The FCC can be ruthless. They don’t give too many warnings. This applies to net based sellers as well. If they can find you they will slap you with something. Yet you can buy a Kenwood or Icom amateur radio that with one snip of a diode or wire gets you transmitting out of band from 1.8mhz thru 30mhz. The FCC seems determined to stamp out SSB on 11m no matter what. If the FCC keep up their attacks on the folks selling radios in the US the "shops" will just have to set up outside the country. I am not sure what the crime is exactly…using the radio, selling the radio or just having the radio in one’s possesion. Tokyo Hi Power make excellent amplifiers but have not been granted type approval in the US so Amateur radio suppliers are not allowed to stock them for sale in the USA. Still many US amateurs order them in from Japan and use them quite openly as far as I can see. Advertising them and selling them seems to be the problem…..George Bush got elected despite the Florida vote so we can’t really expect them to be fair. To me 11m and the internet are the free spirits of Freedom and the more they try to clamp down on them the stronger they get. The internet can lift the veil of ignorance by opening the world to everybody everywhere with access to it and 11m’s reaches out the hand of friendship to all that get on it. And it is free. Maybe that is was is getting up the FCC’s nose? People are enjoying themselves and the Govt is not charging them.
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