AR3500 has been going well and proving it’s worth on the receive and TX against the 257 and the FT817. It certainly does well on a crowded band and is relatively unaffected by AM or other close by or on channel interference. It is also better than the S-9 but the difference is less perceptable. S-9 is noisier in crowded conditions. Frequently the 257 will be inoperable due to Am interference and the 3500 has yet to be troubled by anything receiver wise. I pulled the lid off the other day to see why and found I had lucked out and had got one with the optional 2.6khz narrow SSB filter. Also explains whuy it seemed quieter than the orange one. I just thought it was less sensitive…and maybe it is but it still copies signals the other radios don’t hear.
This 3500 is putting out 70W PEP and driving the Texas Star DX1600 for just over 1kw. It gets out very well.
Worked several stations in Trinidad this evening. I was 5/9 over there and they were 4/1 and 5/2. One station was using a sigma IV vertical and 80W and I could not copy the working conditions of the other one.
Conditions are definitely in if you have the equipment.
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