A Bad Hair Day

I happen to have inherited the Gene in our family responsible for grey hair. In fact judging bu the amount of grey hair I have, I probably inherited the whole lot of the grey hair genes out there in our gene pool. The good thing about "grey hair" versus "no hair" is that we can always do something else with it.
While I was engrossed in watching the All Blacks whip the Wallabies last weekend my good wife decided to experiment. She had a tooth brush and some stuff in a plate and was scapping around in my hair, but I wasn’t paying too much attention untill half time when I saw the disaster she had performed on me. It was a shiny black mess…."quickly wash it out" was the request but too late. Second half was starting and I wasn’t going anywhere for forty minutes. Well the All Blacks won and in so doing won the tri nation rugby sheild. The Aussis almost pulled off an upset early in the second half and in no time had clawed their way back to within one point of the All Blacks, before the all Blacks settled, kicked a few penalties and got on with the game. But I digrees. The hair. We washed and scrubbed and washed and no matter what it looked like I had a leapeord skin hat on or mange or both! Poor wife was devastated. Didn’t bother me because I didn’t have to look at it and as long as I closed my eyes when I passed a mirror the world was fine. Today however I couldn’t stand the sobbing any more and went to get it cut off thinking that would be the end of it.
"Number one mate" I said and sat in the chair with a smug look. Zimmmm goes the cutter and off it goes.
"I hope you like football mister" the barber says with a grin. I looked up and saw what he was talking about. The dye had coloured bits of the skin on my head and it looks like the pattern on a football!
I guess I will be wearing a hat for a few more days……
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