FOR SALE (updated)

These prices are ex Jakarta with no freight costs or dealer commissions built in and about as cheap as I can go. For Quantities of 5 (257) and 6 (S-9) I could discount a little. Can’t go any cheaper on the Texas Star Amps as my price from USA was not much less than USA based Internet shops. But they are sitting in Indonesia and if you are coming to Bali for a holiday, a really good deal. No refund on AMPS but Magnum guarantees apply to the Magnum radios. All transcations in USD or Rupiah at current rates. Credit to approved customers. S-9 radios are in expanded mode from the factory and other mods available.
257’s just need the jumper moved and 4 options available. PDF files emailed on request. Texas Star amps were built especially for export and are the genuine article without the CW modulator that allows them to legally sell these amps as CW transmitters in the US!
Postage by EMS postal courier (5 days world wide) on request.
You must use fans on the Amps and I also have fans on the heat sinks of the radios.
1. Magnum 257 Transceivers.
      25-29mhz, All Mode 30W PEP, Blue screen.
2. Magnum S-9 Transceivers.
   26-30mhz, All Mode 40W PEP, Blue LEDS.

3. Texas Star DX500V 500W Linear Amp.
    26-30mhz, All Mode, Class AB1,4ea 2SC2879 transistors .

4. Texas Star DX1600 1KW+ Linear Amp.
    26-30mhz, All Mode, Class AB1, 8ea 2SC2879 transistors .


4. RM KLV1000/P 1KW+ Linear Amp.
   26-30mhz, All Mode, Class AB1, 4ea EL 519 valves.

5. Diamond GZV4000 40 amp Switch Mode Power Supplies.
      Ideal for the big amps. RF protected. Input voltage 220VAC +/- 20%
      Output 9-15V DC
6. Alinco DX77 All Band 100W HF Transceiver.
      New in Box. Expanded TX

7. ICOM IC208H VHF/UHF FM 50w Transceiver (wideband receive).
     New in Box. Expanded TX
 7. ICOM IC756 PRO III HF Transceiver
    New in Box. Expanded TX


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