AR 3500 and S-9

If you believe the blurb and the hype from 1984 until now these are still considered a fine radio by those that know them. Sam Lewis of Magnum radio agrreed to send them to his ‘doctor’ in the US and have them gone through before shipping them out. A few of the tact switches were replaced and some other stuff but they seemed to pass muster quite well and are now en route to Singapore. They put out well over 100W PEP and have a red hot receiver. Couldn’t pass them up. Swapped them for new S-9s and they have cost about another S-9 to fix and ship but what the heck. Can’t put a price on a good time or a good radio. They are almost 20 years old so Hope they are as good as everybody says……At least I will be able to drive that lazy old KLV1000/P into blowing some smoke now….Still don’t know just how strong they really are. arguing with a few blokes in the US re the S-9 and the DX1600. They reckon the S-9 needs a modulator or another amp between it and the DX1600 to get full power out. With the S-9 barefoot the DX1600 puts out 850WPEP. Just how much more does one want from 8 2SC2879 transistors. It is also difficult to turn the S-9 down to run a small amp. More than likely something is going to go south pretty quick if you try that. Sam Lewis categorically states the S-9 will fry any 2 pill amp…doesn’t leave much choice for a pre amp or modulator for the DX1600!
I rest my case! 
Thanks for the comments louis and I must say you are totally to blame for my interest in the AR 3500! You were really pee’d off you had one and then sold it and how much better it seemed than anything else you had had since! Luckily I stumbled accross these two a bit later and on a whim bought them! Everything else I have read about them since has always been 100% positive. I just might go out and buy every 3500 I can find and afford! Not that I need anymore radios. Glad to see they work well in diesels cos that’s what we run up this way most of the time. We just pay forthe gas here and I still don’t understand why NZ charges a mileage tax for diesel vehicles. Diesel is cheaper to produce and cheaper to buy but the govt. makes you pay extra per km so it works out the same as petrol. Better stop here cos if I start going on about the NZ govt. I will never stop. I firmly believe it is only a matter of time before nobody works in NZ because you can’t afford to!
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  1. Unknown says:

    Whow, now we are really talking, and can see who the person on the other side of the computer messages is.Must send one from here too. Well as for the hype on the 3500\’s, wait till you get to run it. There is no radio about that has got such a receive as this one, tx is potent to say the least. They tend to be noisy in a petrol/ignition car, brilliant in a diesel. In a car you would have to turn rf gain back to 12 o\’clock which is still more then ample to receive whats out there.For mobile operation they are magic, no dials to fiddle with,just push button(s) to go up or down on frequencies, quick and instant.When these radio were build they were build with all the things you normally would like a radio to do without going stupid. And the did.Have run 2 of these over the years, thought that the bigger rigs like Kenwood and Yaesu were better and spend big money on them BUT when it comes down to 26/27/28 you canot beat a radio build for those frequencies, it leaves them for dead!!!Enough from me, just my few cents worth on the 3500, cant wait to get the radio, this time the Yaesu comes out of the 4×4 and goes back in its box.Catch you later Dave, good luck with the Blog, Bye.

  2. Unknown says:

    Hi David,Just in case you or anybody else wants to see the history on how the AR3500 evolved and the work that went into it.This webpage give you a breakdown on that with input from Sam.go to: Bye.

  3. Unknown says:

    David !!!!!just looked at your pictures and your profile, What on earth did just bite you or do to you when that photo was taken?????Scary, oops look on that face!!!!

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