Mobile Operation

Did the unthinkable today and took the company driver to Merak. I sat in the back and fiddled with the 257 hooked into the cigarette lighter and a magnetic Wilson 5k on the roof. It twnged and banged on everthing till we got on to the freeway and then quietened down. Lots of low trees and portals in Jakarta would make a 1/4 wave on the car quite a challenge! Wires, radio, swr meter and a cup of coffee spilling all over the place added to the mahem. Lucky the coffee had a lid on it. Checked the SWR and it was 1.2 or something at 27.2 and rising to 1.5 around 27.5 so figured she was OK and left it. Exactly how I received it. Not sure if it could go down to Kiwi frequencies tho. It never fell off so I guess she is a keeper! Dunno why they think we need 20 feet of cable to go from the roof to the car…10-12 foot would be more than enough. Could hang 3 or 4 people with the amount of cable wrapped around the Wilson mag mount. Coil screws into magnet base so can be removed leaving magnet mounted on roof.
Picked up some locals on 40 and we chatted as we drove out of town and seemed the set up was getting 25km accross the city without much problem. Lost them eventually and switched to 555 to hear 299 giving a call out of Darwin and he came straight back. 5/5 coming in but a bit up and down on his end. Had the radio in my hand with the speaker pressed to my ear so I could hear above the road noise. The diesel Isuzu did not make too much noise in the radio but some of the other vehicles and areas we went through certainly did. Headphones would be a big help along with the 500w amp but still need to design and build a DC harness to run the DC from the battery into the car. Something that can be removed/ disconnected easily from the battery and properly fused on both leads. Although the radio and antenna set up seemed capable of working most stations we heard the extra power would help smooth out the lows for the listener.
Checked out the new boat at Merak and other than some problems switching between the upper and lower controls everything seemed to work well. Seems bigger and roomier than the 10.8m. Nice down below cos well sheltered in main cabin and lots of room. Can seat over 20 and another dozen or so standing up. More than ample to take a sea survival class out to sea! Left merak about 3pm and found the Darwin boys on 355 so had a yarn with Ian and Ian and Les on the way home. I think they were having trouble with the reception from time to time but it held on most of the way. Certainly there are some places that are way loud and others seem to eat the signal. Very noticeable as you drive along. Interesting to talk from the car but I certainly would not want to try it while driving over here….May have to get another driver!
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