Radio Business

Another Amp going down to NZ and Billy thinks he has sold one of the Magnums he took yesterday.
By and large things are going slow but what does one expect with the sunspot as it is these days.
Still have several dozen S-9’s and 257’s along with plenty of DX500 amps, a couple of DX1600’s and half a dozen KLV 1000/P ‘s to move. Lucky they are not like strawberries and go off with age!
Still beieve the DX500 is about the best for price, performance and reliability but we have not come close to maxing out the DX1600 yet!If the DX 1600 does 850W with 30 in and 1kw plus when driven hard we should be able to drive the DX500’s to excess of 500W PEP on SSB as they are excactly half of the DX1600.
Need to hook up 100w to the KLV1000/P to see what they can do but just have not got round to it
Texas Star do not publish or advise max input details for their amps.
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