DX preparations

DX was good this weekend with all day contact into Darwin on Saturday.  Worked 236OD001 Max throiugh the eveining as he waited for Europe but nothing came thru for him. 153AT063 was on line but couldn’t hear him either which was unusual. Worked 19DX077, 19AT091 eric from 26285  to 27 .6 mhz, 26 div (big Surprise) and the french Duo Dan and Pat but although the band was active and squeky not many signals were audible. Later on worked 102 and 113 div around midnight. Not so good and I can not see the www contest being much better!
But who knows what willhappen when the big guns fire up…Using the S-9 with the DX1600 at around 800WPEP and seem to be heard OK. Sunday worked Mexico and Porto rico followed by Hawaii stations in 3 some with Geoff and Ian out oif Darwin…Will order a couple of skypper antennas from Alex in Italy and get them up above the log for a bit more gain…should really put the vertical up on top to monitor condx but too lazy!
Have to improive reception here somehow….Geoff and the Darwin boys booming in as usual
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