Back from Karakorum’s in Pakistan

Back and good to be home…Lost a few kilos I think. Worked a bit of skip into 43 div but think I need a new Antenna with more gain for Europe. Steve brought back the DX1600 amp that got looked at in the states and she is hooked up and crackling along with 850WPEP out for 30W in driven with the Magnum 257. 100 amps in @ 13.8V DC. 4 fans on top keeping her cool and the auto tuner keeping the SWR below 1.3 so all should go well. Lost 2 trannies out of 8 operating into a 2:1 swr a month ago, which was a bit silly of me. Texas Star fixed it for free bless their kind hearts. Billy  91SD002came around with the latest SD book and we will team up for the www contest in a couple of weeks….Should be good fun!
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One Response to Back from Karakorum’s in Pakistan

  1. 299 says:

    Don\’t forget to put the little story on Sugardelta Pacific site Dave !

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