Heading out to climb a mountain

Finally some skip on 27mhz

320 div the morning. Heard Jamail out of 115 calling CQ and spoke with Les in Darwin, Gino in Philipines and an hour with Luciano 1KW001. Hope we can swap an S-9 for a  Lincoln with Luciano. Should be interesting. At least no money needs to change hands. Win took 3 ea 257’s the other evening.

Got the 2ea Wilson 5000 the other day but can’t be bothered hooking them up but guess they will go OK. Using the S-9 and the DX500 thru the LDG AT1000 tuner for a bit of a change. Puts out about 250W on low and just over 400W flat chat. Keep the fan on it cos once ithe amp heats up it stays hot. Better not to let it get hot.

Ready for Kerinci climb 3805m tomorrow. Don en route by bus so hope all goes well. He is due into Kersik Tua in the morning and we won’t arrive till late evening. No radios except the FRS. 27 plus porters and guides. Steve joining for a change. Back Sunday evening.

Jason is finally riding his push bike. Took a tumble or two but OK. Told him no play station until he can ride his bike. He is actually quite enjoying it now. Sent off jo’s clothes by Courier to Phil and Judyth in Hawera. Expensive but cheaper than a ticket. Nadya’s attitude problems don’t seem to be getting cured with age but getting worse!

Need to post pics on line of kids

About David Donaldson

64 and Live in Jakarta, Indonesia. like to ride my bikes.
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1 Response to Heading out to climb a mountain

  1. rick adams says:

    Please bring back the Super Jopix 3000B to the USA, I purchased one surplus, I wish I would have gotten them all, what a great base station radio !!! Please Please Bring it back.

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